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Guidance and Support

We use comprehensive market analytics to hone our planning, design, and brand strategies to deliver potent sales campaigns. Our thoughtful approach builds SERHANT.’s reputation and shapes the communities of the future.

The Montgomery in Paulus Hook Jersey City
966 Summit in Jersey City Heights
24 Thorne St in Jersey City Heights
69 Charles St in Jersey City Heights
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New Development Process

Phase 1 | Analysis and Planning

We are typically brought onto a project before the developer closes. We then work with our developers to analyze the envelope of the site, help choose the architect and interior designer, and build the floor plates.


  • Feasibility studies and working with investment objectives
    Providing you with feasibility studies and analysis of any site you might consider


  • Conceptualizing product, architectural plans and amenities
    Programming with your design team laying out floor plans, finishing packages and amenities finding the maximum value in the design process that will be drive the marketing


  • Partnership, debt advisory and equity participation
    Working with you on compiling your investment memorandums, fund raising and in some cases our own capital contributions to the project

Phase 2 | Branding and Positioning

We are a full-service marketing firm. From the brand identity, to designing all marketing collateral with our in-house design team, to advising on the sales office build out and the PR strategy, we handle everything.

  • Value speculations and comparative market analysis
    Synthesizing market data and trends to provide customized competitive property analysis


  • Branding concepts
    Design branding, signage, website, marketing collateral and advertising campaign for strategic positioning and exposure in the marketplace and within the brokerage community


  • Staging and design strategy
    Assess market trends and buyer activity to determine target market for property. Create a design plan for the sales office and/or model unit that works for the brand and the buyers


Phase 3 | Pre-Sale

We are strong believers in an active pre-sale phase for our projects. We use PR, targeted social media campaigns, and our own extensive outreach to buyers and brokers worldwide to build BUZZ early.


  • Pricing strategies that maximize returns, repositioning
    Implementing a comprehensive sales program with pricing and inventory release strategies that maximize returns


  • Advertising, marketing, events and pubic relations campaigns
    Internet exposure, analysis and social media marketing in addition to print publications, direct marketing, mailer campaigns,
    PR placements and events


  • Global outreach
    Our partnerships with media outlets and the international brokerage communities allow access to an audience exceeding 20
    million high net worth individuals and brokers in Asia, Europe and the Middle East

Phase 4 | Marketing and Sell Out

From the launch event to the final closing, our team handles all. Our launch events are focused on generating a big buzz. We use that momentum to drive a second wave of early sales. We will continue to adjust our course throughout the sales process - constantly analyzing our traffic and feedback to further target our marketing.

  • Coordination, documentation reporting and administration
    Utilizing the most advanced traffic reporting and inventory analysis technology to provide real time updates.


  • Final close outs and successful exits
    Partner with you from conceptual design to successful execution by providing support every step of the way with no exceptions


  • Facilitating sales program
    Work with all professionals representing you and the project in coordinating all sales activities, negotiations, financing and legal
    requirements, in accordance with the plans and offerings


  • Implementation and on-site staffing
    Providing the most qualified sales and administrative staff to operate on-site or from a model sales office


Serhant. ADX

SERHANT. ADX is our tech-powered innovation platform that was designed for the future of home selling. It is a proprietary suite of intelligent technologies that amplify reach while providing us the ability to hyper-target based on several key factors, and it allows us to anticipate buyer and development trends using real-time data drawn from a broad array of sources enhanced by machine learning. Our custom platform puts your property in front of more buyers than anyone else and gives us analytics insights to fine-tune marketing strategy.


We are an in-house marketing firm that actually markets.

Trompeter Labs is our full service in house marketing and production hub that allows us to create unique, high impact content strategically designed to resonate with the largest real estate audience in the world. The team creates branded content that when amplified through our ADX platform sells projects faster than traditional advertising. We will promote your project across all platforms for maximum exposure. Now with SERHANT. our network is bigger than ever before.

TROMPETER Labs in action
Trompeter Labs team
Starlyn Rodriguez Trompeter Labs
Leon and Starlyn Trompeter Labs
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