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Whether you are far from home or are looking for a place to build a new one, the well-connected, beautiful Jersey City Heights is the best place to get a fresh start. Jersey City Heights is also called The Heights, located in the north end of Jersey City in the state of New Jersey. With a rich history, the district has outstanding historical spots that will leave you mesmerized. Along with incredible transportation facilities and surrounding areas that make The Heights so amazing.


Years ago, the Heights was an independent municipality called the Hudson City. The district still has hints and remains of its relation to the Hudson County. The most prominent Hudson County-like touch it has is the architecture. The architectural style in The Heights makes the district stand out and have its charm. Here, you will find homes that are perfect for starting families. The variety of low-rise apartments ranging from condos to single units to luxurious apartments is truly impressive, and the ideal place for couples, single young adults, and college students to start a new home.

The district is 100 feet above sea level and is situated on the western banks of the Hudson River. The majestic district has incredible views from its Eastside, with Palisade and Ogden Avenues giving away a breathtaking view of Manhattan. And while the district has incredible views from all its surroundings, it also has some beautiful architectural, historical structures within itself that stand tall today as well.

A must-mention architectural structure is a memorial park situated right in the heart of the district. It is a park dedicated to General John J Pershing, called the Pershing Field, paying tribute to the military and the general by being constructed on a military training ground. It is one of the best, most famous recreational places in The Heights. The park offers many activities and facilities, including a swimming pool and a baseball area. The large area of the park has one of its sides bounded by the famous Central Avenue.

Central Avenue does not fail to impress and attract anyone who gets close to it. However, the spot becomes extraordinarily important when it is linked with The Heights. It functions as an essential commercial spot for the district, packed with a large number of infamous and highly popular brands and stores. The area has 230 businesses up and running, providing accessibility and convenience to the residents and visitors of The Heights. Once called the "Main Street" of the Hudson City, Central Avenue sure goes a long way back into the history of America and has been a significant location ever since.


With its small-town values but big-city vibes, The Heights is a district where you find home-like comfort very easily. It's historical, Edwardian, and Victorian architecture is just one way to make you feel nostalgic and live surrounded by magnificent structures. The Edwardian Houses and Victorian-style buildings are largely found on Summit Avenue. The district is also not very far from the big city life. With transportation as swift as the one here, you can travel back and forth NYC without any troubles. Whether you take a bus or a train, traveling to NYC from The Heights for work or leisure will be a breeze!

Restaurants & Cafes

Casa Cubana


The Hutton Bar & Grill

Pio Pio Jersey City

Renato's Pizza Master

Corkscrew Bar


Retail & Banks

Chase Bank

Bank of America



Supermarket & Bakeries

C Town Supermarkets

San Lazaro Deli Grocery

National Food Store & Deli



Parks & Fitness

Pershing Field Park

Washington Park

Jersey City Fit Life Boot Camp

Lucille Roberts Gym

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